Not 100% clear, but I'm relieved

Given the type of progression scenarios I’ve seen play out for some cancer buddies, I was mentally prepared for major liver spread, maybe something in the brain or the bones for good measure. This was my 1st scan in 6 months and I’d made the difficult decision to not do any chemotherapy after my last surgery in February. With those expectations in mind I was pretty happy with the result.

They are a little concerned about a ‘hot spot’ around the anastomosis (surgical join). This has shown up before but apparently it was a little brighter this time. Because of where it is it is quite possibly just inflammation related to the prior surgery. However given how pronounced it was on the scan they want to book me in for a colonoscopy ASAP.

If this is a recurrence in that spot it would have fairly major implications but on the upside, they would still be surgical implications. In my mind any surgical option, now matter how severe, is still a great option compared to some of the non-surgical options (chemo, Y90, radiation, ablations etc etc).

So, onwards :)

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