In the words of one survivor

1st written in 1997 for ANZAC day, updated 2018

The guns have ceased, the bombs are gone, 
a silent breeze is blowing
The pillars of smoke have blown away,
and now the beach is showing

Yet I see not sands of white or black
nor rocks of golden brown
Rather, pools of crimson blood in which
the shapes of men lie down. 

Lest we forget

Standing here I think of home and of families
lost in sorrow
They'll not know of those who've died, not by
today, not by tomorrow

Too late to ponder for the dead and wounded
have been loaded on
By morning well shall all be gone. 

Lest we forget

For one last time I cast my eyes upon the shores
and see the devastation and the bodies of those
great young men who should built a nation. 

Can conflict not be better solved, do people
have to die
The necessity of war, surely history's greatest lie.

Lest we forget