The big scan is booked

So, I completed my 1st line treatment this last Sunday. To recap, that has entailed:

  • 25 radiation therapy sessions

  • 8 cycles (6 months) of chemotherapy (Oxaliplatin & Capecitabine - the Capeox Combo)

  • 1 ultra low anterior colon resection surgery

  • 1 liver resection surgery (actually done at the same time as the colon resection in one marathon 10+ hour surgery)

  • ...and a few complications along the way - Bi lateral pulmonary embolism (basically a massive blood clot that split into two, sending one clot to each of my lungs). This was treated with an IVC filter and blood thinners (1st Clexane injections and now Xeralto).

I guess I should be excited. I'm just back from my 3 weekly oncologist visit and he congratulated me on "making it to this point".  But I'm not excited, because until I get another head to toe PET scan no one really knows if all this treatment has worked. 

So, the scan is booked for April 10th, and I'm absolutely crapping myself about it because the result of that one scan basically determines, well, the course of my life. I'm getting lots of questions from family and friends about what happens after this scan, and it's actually kind of I did a flow diagram :) 

One request in advance. Please don't chase me for news on April 11th. If the scan results are not good I don't want to have to repeat myself over and over again. I'll update everyone when I'm ready to. 

In the meantime....thanks to Dad we've made great progress on the urban farm project. Latest updates are here in the galleries. 

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